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"Bentley BF4082"
History. The chassis No S216 is that of a 3 litre car delivered in April 1923 to Mrs Gilbey of Draycott Place, London SW3. The Engine No SM3906 was delivered April 1930 to Sir D. Orr Lewis which we believe was received at his Gentleman’s club in Mayfair, London W1.
There is very little documented history relating to the chassis, but we do know that the engine was removed from the original Supercharged car in 1938.
The crankshaft is a W O Bentley heavy crank from Engine No XT3628 (Car 8, of the last ever batch of 12 W O Bentleys built by Bentley Motors) now fitted with a Supercharger drive spigot. The Con Rods are those manufactured by Phoenix and the Pistons by that of Cosworth. The Supercharger is a Armhurst Villiars Mark IV, aspirated by a pair
of large bore SU carburettors.
The engine has been set back some 7 inches thus requiring a flexi drive + case hardened shaft to drive the supercharger, ignition is twin Bosch Magnetos.
Power transfer from engine to gearbox is provided by a modern light weight flywheel single plate hydraulically operated clutch.
The ‘D’ gear box houses a constant mesh cluster which in turn powers the WO Bentley 6½ litre back axel.
In order to maintain the sporty appearance of cars designed in the early 1930’s. 18” Wheels clad with Dunlop racing tyres and a reduced radiator height provides an overall appearance of a racing car from that period.
The four branch, hand sculptured, stainless steel exhaust system passes gases through a Brooklands Can thus providing balanced aspiration and exhaustion for the Supercharged Engine.
The dashboard has been design specifically to accommodate the needs of the driver and the running mechanic; in particular the lighting switches and the layout denote that of a bi-plane of the period. The fuel tank capacity is 18 imperial gallons (which does not get you very far).
So that the car is to be used safely on today’s highways, hydraulic braking has been adopted and highly efficient original Zeiss Headlamps and Spotlamps with hand crafted Lucas Divers Helmets are fitted to the rear.
Conclusion. The car you have viewed is exceptional and most unique and a gratitude of thanks is offered to a team of dedicated professionals who assisted in this project over a ten year period. To name a few Dennis Keen, John Guppy, Clive Oliver,
Dave Cook, Derek Vertenton and many others. The result of expertise is seen. This Bentley will continue to provide many, many years of happy exciting, enjoyable Vintage Motoring.
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